About Us

"Technology is best when it brings people together."

Vision & Mission Statement

PhyberTech was founded with the vision of providing and producing innovative and affordable tech solutions globally. We provide tech services to both individuals and businesses who are looking to be one step ahead of their competition. Our slogan is as follows:


We sculpt your ideas to fit your vision


We bring your concept to life


We ensure you are satisfied with the final product or service provided by us

At PhyberTech, we consider our clients as partners and companions in making a difference in society and in providing quality products and services. We listen and value our clients and customers opinions. We adhere to the principle that it is difficult to attain perfection, but it is not impossible to attain the same. As long as we are able to listen to the feedback of our clients and come up with positive responses and innovations, we will gradually but surely deliver excellence to our clients and customers.


PhyberTech aims to not only be a renowned tech firm but also, a philanthrophic group. We vow to donate a percentage of our profits from each project to a fund we have started to help spread the gift of tech globally. Some of the ideas we have include: funding tech classes and opportunities in lower socio-economic areas of the US & starting incubators and business accelerators for tech startups. Founder Pratik KC believes the phrase that “technology is best when it brings people together” and he strives to have PhyberTech embody this philosophy.